2019 Singapore President's Challenge Charity Event

2019 charity presidentchallenge


 Invitation to Istana on Nov 2019

On 13 Jan 2019, Gogives partners with Singapore local Artist Vincent Seet in the 2019 Singapore President Challenge (https://www.pc.org.sg/) to help raise fund for the needy. This art exhibition event was organised by OTH and NECDC at Our Tampines Hub Festive Walk South. It was an honour as this event was also graced by Minister Masagos Zulkifli, Singapore's Minister for the Environment and Water Resources who had shown strong support for this effort.

Gogives had specially designed the Tshirts for the event showcasing one of the painting drawn by Vincent Seet. In addition, we also specially design the handmade crochet dolphins and otters specially for the event whereby all sales proceeds are donated to President's challenge for the needy. With the sales proceed from both the handmade toy and the 40 paintings on climate change and natural wildlife drawn by Vincent Seet, we managed to raise > $20,000 and it had been a great success. During the event, the public also joined Vincent Seet to learn coffee grounds painting too.  


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