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2020 had been a challenging year for many across the globe. Despite of difficult times, we would also love to do our small little part and contribute back to those in need. Last year, we learnt about ARC Children's Centre (www.arcchildren.org) through a friend Esther and it had spurred us to do something for them in our little way. Children always have a special place in our hearts especially when we learnt that these children are fighting cancer or a life threatening sickness. 

ARC Children's Centre is the only Singapore Daycare centre for children with critical illness. It is an independent charity centre and everything they do for the kids is made possible with thanks to the kindness and generosity of public donations and corporate sponsorships. In this difficult time, there are limited donation received and had been a challenge to them. Due to Covid-19, there were no pop-up in past months and finally, we managed to secure a pushcart in Raffles Xchange (Raffles Place MRT) from 2 Nov - 25 Dec. We hope that through this pushcart sales, we will be able to contribute 5% of our sales for ARC Children's Centre and we will also donate our handmade crochet Singapore Otter for the children. We hope the Singapore Otter being one of the wildlife in this city will be iconic for the children and we hope the children will win their battles and have hope in life.

Drop by Raffles Xchange from 2 Nov - 25 Dec 2020 (Every Mon- Fri, 10:30am -7:30pm) and support us. At the same time, we hope to raise more awareness about ARC Children's Centre and we can all do our little part for them.  There are many ways that we can help. ARC CHILDREN’S CENTRE welcomes your valuable support, whether in the form of volunteerism, gifts for the children, cash donations and/or corporate sponsorship. For donation, you may visit www.giving.sg/web/arc-children-s-centre-co-ltd

Thanks to the support of the following customers  (2 Nov - 20 Nov 2020):

Melissa Janice Pang Pauline Low Janice Chong
Avery Sim Lynnah Cecilia Low Delia Lim
Michele Foo Elizabeth Tan Frances Lee Verlyn Goh
Josephine The Fred Tai Diana Ng Jeanette Goh
Michelle Kooh Shi Ying Jacqualine Too Shelly
Charmine Hall Katrina Goh Lester Wong Kim Chua
Amanda Hasting Roberta Dozza Davinia Chiang Namrata Pathak
Lim Wee Kuan Lucas Tan Jessica Chen Marilyn
Mei Fong Jowin Triani Vincent Zham
Ke Xin Gillian Lim Roza Pauline Chew
Cheryl Tan Yip Ivy Ang Grace Leong
Sharon Hinch Janelle Chua Anna Nagashima
Jamin Ong Maxcelin Tan Andy Sally
Cathy Tan Kris Lee Pei Wen Sang Pian
Teck Guan Helena Lay Chin Maria Infante
Jasmine Lee Julia Lai Siong Angie Goh
Hani Elias Yagmur Akgul Pauline Jeslyn Lim
Sarah Yan Suzanna Chen TiYang Tan Goey Sun
Perlin Gan Shirleen Lye Jocelyn Priscilla Kong
He Jun Jie Michelle Chan Syai Rah Candy Lim
Caoyunhong Jamie Ong Sherlene How Wong Cfoon Fong
Kerlin Lim Sapinah Patricia Ng Hui Jin
Sandy Loh Fin Cavine Wu Alestie
Lucy Lim Tricia Lim Ketty Tai Joyce Lim
Roselyn Ng Judy Angela Chen Linda Lim
Mei Chen Stella Yeo Nagdalena Jaya
Kelly Ng Janet Siew Joycelyn Ong Jane Chong
Serene Yeo May Koa Khadijah bte M. Sued Soon Lian
Dawn Liew Tan Meng Sim Johnathan Felton Eddy
Edrik D. Sofjan Minesh Patel Zhi Yun Frances Lee
Mayyuree Kiatadisorn Carol Kok Kaithlyn Jennifer Lum
Jeslyn Loh Chris Tan Vince Yu  
Cindy Teo Patricia Tan Wu Lixia  


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