IPG8 Savoury Assorted Lava Mooncakes
IPG8 Savoury Assorted Lava Mooncakes
IPG8 Savoury Assorted Lava Mooncakes
Imperial Patisserie

IPG8 Savoury Assorted Lava Mooncakes

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IPG8 Savoury Assorted Lava Mooncakes (8 pieces)

Imperial Patisserie 5 consecutive years Grand Gold Award Winning Savoury Assorted Lava Custard Mooncakes

The Lava Mooncake involves a high level of craftsmanship and technology. If the lava is too thin, it will be absorbed by other fillings. If it is too thick, it will condense and affect the lava flowing effect. With over a hundred times of testing, the two Master Chefs have successfully created the best lava effect under room temperature.

Lava mooncakes have undergone hundreds of repeated research and improvement, so that they have the Lava effect even under room temperature and we have created an array of different colors and flavors.

Lava Custard Mooncake﹕ A selection of natural butter and top salted egg yolk secret fillings, with the silky Lava Custard effect x 4 pieces (45g).

Lava Green Tea Mooncake﹕ The new formula gives a more aromatic taste this year. Lava green tea fillings are made by a selection of high-quality green tea x 4 pieces (45g)

It is in a classy orange PU Leather gift box that could be used as a jewellery box as well.

It is HALAL certified

Expiry: 15 Oct 2023

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